Our Process

Forming a team for a remodeling project is no easy feat. We understand the stress of preparing your ideas and interviewing designers and contractors. We plan a straightforward process and no-pressure sales to make it easier. Ask us all the questions! We’re here to help.

Ready to jump in? Here’s what to expect:

Initial Contact and Conversation:

Let’s get to know one another! Will we be a good fit for your project? Will we be a good fit for you on a personal level?

We listen to what your project encompasses, and your overall vision. We will also discuss what you are looking for in a contractor and the average pricing for projects of your scope. If you have as much information as you need, that allows you to make an informed purchasing decision.

Onsite Consult and Proposal

We will set up an onsite visit to your home. At this step we will ask for more details and explain all the build steps involved. After taking measurements, we will write up a proposal with a final quote.


Contracts set clear expectations and give both parties peace of mind. We will review the contract details with you, sign, and collect a deposit. Every homeowner has the right to cancel the contract within 3 days in compliance with Illinois law.

The Project

We start by protecting your home: temporary plastic walls to cordon off work areas, flooring protection from home entrance to the work area. We will install HEPA air filtration to prevent construction from affecting the rest of your home.

Then, we get to work! We work on one project at a time; – that means we never leave  your project part-way through to start another. We show up every day until your project is finished. While customers may have to wait for us to become available, they have our full attention once we begin.

During the project, we coordinate with the homeowner, designers, and other craftsmen to ensure the project runs smoothly and in a timely fashion. If unforeseen construction problems arise we collaborate with the homeowner and other professionals involved to solve them.


Our projects carry a lifetime warranty on labor. We use products that carry lifetime warranties. We take seriously our obligation to build bathrooms that last forever.