Ripped Jeans Construction – Remodeling Contractor in Naperville and Aurora

Walk-in shower with double herringbone tile walls

Ripped Jeans Construction – Remodeling Contractor in Naperville and Aurora

Solving Life’s Difficulties – One Home at a Time

Your stories matter:

  • The athlete whose struggles with past injuries prompt the exploration of a steam room to reduce inflammation after long workouts.
  • The growing family whose needs have outgrown their present home. They wouldn’t dream of moving away from their neighborhood so consider converting the guest room into another bathroom.
  • The antique aficionado whose 1980’s interior doesn’t quite reflect the period-perfect exterior of their home and wants a proper historic reproduction.
  • The retiree who is worried about safety and wants a barrier-free, safe bathroom as they age in place.

Our clients are real people who want to make their homes work for their changing needs. Ripped Jeans Construction loves to solve client problems so their houses work for them. We translate hopes and dreams into solutions to make people’s lives easier, their homes more beautiful, and their leisure more enjoyable.

What’s your story? How can we help?

Our Services Include:

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Exceptional Remodeling Projects Start Here

…with Trust

There’s no way for a project to be really successful without trust. Here’s what we strive for on each and every project:

  • Open/Honest Communication: We need to be able to be honest with one another. It means being open about what a bathroom remodeling project might look like from start to finish. It also means being willing to discuss budgetary restrictions. We take responsibility for our mistakes, communicating any problems we find, and being upfront about pricing, how we do business, who we bring along on a project to help. It means we want you to be as involved and informed as much as you want.
  • Relationships: Ultimately, we are looking to build relationships with our customers. We want you to know you can call us years down the road with questions or issues that have arisen. We want you to know that you have chosen to join a family – a family company.

…with Peace of Mind

We get it; it’s hard to figure out who will do a good job. Contractor horror stories aren’t exactly rare. Hiring a team for a project feels a little like taking a bet on your ability to tell the future. We can’t tell you the future exactly, but we do offer the following to provide our customers with more peace of mind:

  • Warranties: Our aim is to do work that lasts. That’s why we offer lifetime warranties on our projects. We constantly test the newest products on the market in an effort to improve our quality, and give our customers lifetime use of their homes. Not only does that provide some peace of mind, but is the most environmentally-responsible practice, preventing constant replacements and repairs from poor workmanship.
  • Transparency: We are completely transparent about the processes, products, and methods we use. If something concerns you, please bring it to our attention: we want to be available to discuss and honest about what you see.

…with Quality Workmanship

Everybody talks about quality workmanship, but how do we actually measure that?

  • Codes and Standards: There are minimum standards that govern building, electrical and plumbing work in each home. Additionally, there are finish material standards like those codified by the Tile Council of North America in their annual publications. But these are just minimums – we mean to make every project last a lifetime. That means we use the very best materials available and deliberately design our projects to last the test of time.
  • Manufacturer Specifications and Continuing Education: We are in regular contact with manufacturer representatives, both to verify installation procedures, and to troubleshoot when things go wrong with their products. We gravitate towards those manufacturers with a history of good communication and honoring warranties so contractors and homeowners aren’t left holding the bag. Furthermore, we constantly invest in trainings and seminars to better our knowledge of best practices and products. All this translates to a better outcome for each and every customer.
  • Artistry: We’re picky about how it looks is all. These projects should look the part and last forever.