Walk-in shower with double herringbone walls

Ripped Jeans Construction – Bathroom Remodeling in Naperville and Aurora

Solving Life’s Difficulties – One Bathroom at a Time

Your stories matter:

  • The athlete whose struggles with past injuries prompt the exploration of a steam room to reduce inflammation after long workouts.
  • The growing family whose needs have outgrown their present bathroom. They wouldn’t dream of moving away from their neighborhood so consider converting the guest room into another bath.
  • The antique aficionado whose 1980’s interior doesn’t quite reflect the period-perfect exterior of their home and wants a proper historic reproduction.
  • The retiree who is worried about safety and wants a barrier-free, safe bathroom as they age in place.

Our clients are real people who want to make their homes work for their changing needs. Ripped Jeans Construction loves to solve client problems so their bathrooms work for them. We translate hopes and dreams into solutions to make people’s lives easier, their homes more beautiful, and their leisure more enjoyable.

What’s your story? How can we help?